Faith In Wenger


arsene wenger

Very disappointing to see the abusive comments from Arsenal fans directed at Wenger. I have seen comments on social media sites with the likes of ‘I hope Wenger dies’ and others that are not even worthy of discussion.

Arsenal have dipped in form yes, it is very frustrating but I do not think Wenger is entirely to blame. The players need to take blame for their lack of form as well.

Wenger has given Arsenal great success for 20 years. We have never finished below Tottenham which is every Arsenal fans dream, we are the only team to have been unbeaten in the entire season of the Premiere League and we always qualify for a champions league spot. Every single year without fail.

Do we want more? Yes of course we do. Every season Arsenal are under so much pressure to win silverware and when we do it’s not enough. Nothing is ever enough. Every football fan is so concentrated on where Arsenal will end up by the end of the season. And why? Because they know Arsenal are capable of achieving great things.

They are capable of achieving great things but if we loose Wenger Arsenal will find themselves in a situation like Manchester United when Ferguson retired. We will have an average manager who will not know the team like Wenger does. He will most likely fail and then be replaced by another average manager and we would have wished we never let Wenger go.

I still have faith in Wenger. I still have faith that he will pull Arsenal out of their bad form and I still believe we have a chance of winning the Premiere League. #faithinWenger


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