Emirates stadium to have the first ever retractable sunroof

The French car manufacturer Citroen has teamed up with Arsenal Football club to install the first ever retractable sunroof at the Emirates stadium. The inspiration for the retractable sunroof came from the Citroen C1 airscape roof. The building work is due to commence at the end of the 2015-2016 Premier League season. Featuring the latest technology the retractable sunroof will be made up of 9,000 metres of red canvas with the ability to open and close within 11 seconds. 

Not only will the retractable sunroof prevent fans from all weather conditions, it also has its benefits for the Arsenal players too.  Avoiding sun in the eyes during games is likely to save between 4 to 6 goals a season, and climate control can also help to increase player stamina.

Arsenal fans will also be able to watch replays through a projection on the roof, but one lucky Arsenal fan will decide whether the roof stays open or closed ahead of the game. 

Arsenal vice captain Per Mertesacker states ‘this is a great opportunity for the Emirates stadium to reinforce its status as the best stadium in the world’. 

Take a look and see what you think below.


Looks to good to be true doesn’t it? Unfortunately for all Arsenal fans who got just as excited as I did, Arsenal have in fact managed to pull off one of the best April Fools jokes this year. 

Happy April Fools day Gunners!

Joking aside, it would not surprise me if this retractable sunroof could potentially be installed one day. 

Now let’s hope they stop fooling around and win against Watford tomorrow.


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