Gareth Crooks predicts Arsenals title hopes 

Gareth Crooks has given Arsenal fans something to smile about this morning on their way to work. 

Crooks believes that Arsenal are still capable of winning the Premier League title following their 4-0 thrashing against Watford on Saturday. 

Arsenal are currently sitting in 3rd place closing the gap on Tottenham to just 4 points with a game in hand. If Arsenal win their game in hand they will only be trailing by 1 point. 

Despite what the media says you cannot rule out Arsenal from the title just yet- they are just as much in the race as Tottenham are. 

Crooks believes that the Gunners have a good chance of winning the Premier League title if they win their remaining 7 matches. 

Writing for a column on BBC sport Crook stated ‘Metaphorically, speaking, Arsenal are chasing the pack having stumbled and now must do something pretty spectacular to win the race’. 

‘The question is, do they have what it takes to beat Leicester and Spurs to the finishing line?’

‘German playermaker Mesut Ozil made it perfectly clear this week that he thought that Arsenal have ‘screwed up’ but if the Gunners were to win the remainder of their games and Alex Iwobi keeps scoring goals, then the title is very possible’.



Photo Edit: Laura Brewington


2 thoughts on “Gareth Crooks predicts Arsenals title hopes 

    1. I don’t think he has given up. He has spoken out a bit on international duty as players tend to do. Either way, with or without Özil I think the Arsenal are in a good position to win most of their remaining games. It’ll just be up to Leicester to show if they can go all the way now!


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