Arsenals season summed in London Derby? 

Arsenals faint glimmer of winning the Premier League title were all but ended this weekend when they failed to hold onto a 0-2 lead to the Hammers.   Guardian

The early promise, the collapse, the false hope. Arsenal displayed three characteristics that summed up their whole season in just 90 minutes at Upton Park. 

Ozil’s and Sanchez’s goals in the first half gave Arsenal fans hope into what was looking like a fantastic win over West Ham. But within two minutes Andy Carroll ripped Arsenal apart on the brink of half time. 

Within 10 minutes of the second half, Arsenal found themselves down at 3-2 and crawling their way back for a draw. 

The early promise- compares to the brilliant start Arsenal had up until Christmas in the Premier League. At Christmas Arsenal were top of the table and they now sit 13 points from league leaders Leciester with 1 game in hand. 

The collapse- when Arsenal let go of their top table position by loosing to ‘smaller teams’ in the bottom half of the table. 

The False Hope- when Arsenal win consecutive games in a row and begin crawling back up the table, but never doing quite enough to get any further. 

Who is to blame?

Judging by Arsenals performance on Saturday against West Ham, I would have said both the players and Wenger are to blame. But the real issue here is the fact that Arsenal do not have a world class striker, a striker they can rely on when everyone else is lacking in goals. 

Alexis Sanchez had the best opportunity of the second half when he found space on the left and just one on one with the goalkeeper. But did he shoot? No, he took his time and West Ham took the ball off him. If he had taken a shot, Arsenal may well have won the match. 

If Arsene Wenger is to stay at Arsenal next season, he needs to sign a world class striker- a prolific goalscorer to carry Arsenal to the Premier League next season. 



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