Why we will never win the title with Olivier Giroud 

He’s got the looks, the body and the charisma but has he got what it takes to lead Arsenal to the title next season? 

   Olivier Giroud/ Hugo Boss

It was only last year when Thierry Henry criticised Olivier Giroud claiming that the North London side would never win the league with Giroud leading the line.

Although in January, when Arsenal were league leaders, Henry admitted that Olivier Giroud was finally showing the consistency required to fire Arsenal to the title. But where does he stand now? 

 Olivier Giroud scores against Liverpool/ Stuart McFarlane

Olivier Giroud has now gone 13 games without a goal which has seen him drop to the bench at the expense of in form Danny Welbeck. 

Giroud was chosen in the starting line up over Welbeck during the West Brom match but failed to make any real impact during the game. His performance should of lead to a bid to prove the critics wrong, but instead lead to abusive tweets from the likes of Arsenal fanatic Piers Morgan- who always has something to say. 

But is this justified from the Arsenal fans? Tottenham Hotspur have Harry Kane, Manchester City have Sergio Aguero, Leciester have Jamie Vardy and Arsenal have Olivier Giroud. All of these teams count how many goals their centre forwards HAVE scored in and Arsenal fans count how many goals our centre forward HASN’T scored in. 

Arsenal have a striker that is unable to score goals on a consistent level, which plays a huge part in why Arsenal are no longer challenging for the title. 

I have never been an anti Wenger fan and do not believe after his 20 years of excellent service he should be fired, but if he continues to lead Giroud on the front line then I will start to question his mentality. 

I watched Olivier Giroud last night at the Emirates and he put no effort into the game, rarely got himself into good spaces to score and never came close to scoring. This is a centre forward. We have gone from Theirry Henry who couldn’t stop scoring to Olivier Giroud who can’t seem to find the back of the net. 

   Olivier Giroud/ Stuart McFarlane

Arsene Wenger desperately needs to sign a profilic goalscorer next season or Arsenal will slowly start to be the underdogs of North London. 


One thought on “Why we will never win the title with Olivier Giroud 

  1. No doubting that we need a world class striker, but I feel Olivier gets a rougher ride than he deserves. He is not a 30-goal a season man, but, in my opinion, links the play very well and adds 15-20 goals every season. It’s not easy replacing a striker like Henry, he was unique.


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