Arsenal fans plan protest ahead of Norwich City visit 

Arsenal fans/Guardian 

Unhappy Arsenal fans have planned a protest calling for Arsene Wenger to leave the Emirates against Norwich City on Saturday. The supporter groups Black Scarf Movement, RedAction and The Arsenal Supporters Trust are relying on fans to hold up the signs ‘Time for a change  – Arsenal is stale – fresh approach needed’ during the 12th & 78th minute of the game. 

The protest will also focus on Stan Kroenke who is described by Red Action as ‘an absentee owner who takes money from the club’.  

Many Arsenal fans have grown to dislike Stan Kroenke over the last few years due to his unwillingness to buy world class players and invest money from his pocket into the club. Everyone can see that Arsenal needs investment in various areas on the pitch but Kroenke refuses to splash out and fulfill the fans ambitions.

 Arsenal Fans/Stuart McFarlane

It is not only the fans who are raging about the lack of investment in the club – Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have shown frustration by not signing new contracts until they see an increase of new talent come in. If Kroenke does not start buying top players that could provide Arsenal with the chance to win league titles then they can wave goodbye to Ozil & Sanchez. 

Ozil & Sanchez/Stuart McFarlane

It is time for a change at Arsenal, the fans have no confidence in their players anymore and this reflects Arsenals performances on the pitch. Arsenal have won just 4 games in 13. A fresh approach is needed for next season. 

Will you be joining the protest on Staurday afternoon?


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