Arsene Wenger pleads for loyalty from Arsenal fans 

Arsene Wenger has urged Arsenal fans to stand by and support the Arsenal team ahead of their clash against Nowich City this evening. 

Black Scarf Movement, Redaction, and The Arsenal Supporters Trust have planned a protest during the Gunners clash with the Canaries by asking all Arsenal fans to hold up signs saying ‘Time for a change. Arsenal is stale, fresh approach needed’. 

Arsenal had a great opportunity to win the Premier League this season after the failings of Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City. But shortly after Christmas they blew their chance of winning the EPL after loosing to ‘smaller teams’.

It has now been 12 years since Arsenal won the Premier League and Arsenal fans have come to the end of their patience and want a big change under new management. 

The fact that Arsenal blew away the title to Leciester City and are trailing behind North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur has urged Arsenal fans to make a stand. 

Is it time for a change? Arsene Wenger either needs to start buying world class players or his successful history with Arsenal will end in tatters. 

Arsene Wenger/Getty Images


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